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Best time to visit Caño Cristales

Seasons to visit Caño Cristales: June to November 30th

The season to visit Caño Cristales is from the End of May and the beginning of June to the month of November or the beginning of December, the best time to go to Caño Cristales is in the months of September and October.


For the previous months (from December to the end of May) the aquatic plants that fill the river of the 5 colors with life are in the reproduction period and for this reason, the colors could not be appreciated in case you came to enter the Park. Also in these summer months, you can enjoy other tourist attractions that the municipality of La Macarena can offer you, such as taking a trip along the Guayabero River, hiking to see the flora and fauna, kayaking, horseback riding. Savannah, sport fishing and many more attractions that this place full of magic and adventure gives you.

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