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Llanos Orientales

Protect Caño Cristales Water is life, do not destroy your ecosystem, better plant a tree, ask us how.

The most beautiful Sunset in the World - Eastern Plains

Llanos Orientales (Villavicencio, Colombia)

The magic of the Eastern Plains is unique, dare to travel from Villavicencio through the Region through magnificent places, such as Caño Cristales , San José del Guaviare or visit the Imposing Güejar River Canyon next to the pools in Lejanías. Imagining the Eastern Llanos is thinking about the most beautiful sunsets and endless plains. Extraordinary stories full of fantasy make the Llano a magical destination along with its great variety of animals unique to the region.

What to do in the Llano?

The Eastern Llanos consist of multiple destinations, and in each one you will be shocked with its beauty, feel the power of Llanos music making your body gush with emotion and admiration. The tour begins in Villavicencio, called "the door to the plain" and capital of the Department of Meta. The llanera culture is present throughout the city, from its iconic monuments to its delicious gastronomy, you can find a great variety of flora and fauna in different natural settings and if you are one of those who enjoys adrenaline you will have the possibility of doing adventure tourism through some specific trails near Villavicencio.


From the city there are 3 natural routes to enjoy the Eastern Plains: Amanecer Llanero Route , Piedemonte Llanero Route , Embrujo Llanero Route.

Tour Llanos Orientales



Llanos Orientales (Villavicencio, Colombia)

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