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Rafting in the Güejar River Canyon

Güejar River Canyon (Mesetas, Meta)

Deep in the Department of Meta, surrounded by nature and virgin forest, is the Güejar River Canyon. A place with an unequaled natural wealth, there waterfalls and ancient rocks of more than 50 meters high will captivate you.

From Villavicencio, approximately 2 hours by bus or private car is the municipality of Mesetas, recognized as the starting point of the Sierra de La Macarena National Natural Park. In the distance, before reaching the municipality of Mesetas, you can visualize the hill of the Lying Indian, named because because from the road and with the naked eye, the mountains form the silhouette of a man lying with a pronounced nose. After its immensity, behind the hill lies a natural wonder that you can not find anywhere else: The Güejar River Canyon.

Rafting in the imposing Güejar River Canyon

Once we reach the municipality of Mesetas, the starting point is practically 5 minutes or less, the Limonar Bridge. In this place, the guides prepare and instruct the tourists for the crossing, give each person a safety helmet, a floating vest and an oar that later with a brief instruction on how to paddle will be enough to start the crossing. Special attention should also be paid to the recommendations given by the guides to know how to act in an emergency situation.

The Güejar river canyon is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the plain. Rafting activity consists of a 17 km descent along the river, with an approximate duration of 5 hours depending on the river's water levels. People who wish to take the tour should keep in mind that the only way to get out once the descent begins is to make the entire route, inside the Canyon there is no turning back.

Mapa de la ruta de Rafting en el Guejar.
Map of the 17 Km route through the Güejar river canyon

Recommendations for rafting activity

It's recommended to wear comfortable clothes, shoes that provide a very good grip, also try to wear a cap that covers you from the sun and a long-sleeved Lycra shirt. In the event that at some point during the tour someone falls into the water, keep calm and remember the instructions given by the guides.

Rate per person

From Villavicencio: $ 1.265.000 COP

Note: On a date that coincides with a holiday bridge there may be changes in prices and / or itinerary

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Rafting in the Guejar River Canyon

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