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Complaints and Claims - Give us your opinion

Dear Customer, taking into account Article 13. Law 1755 of 2015. In which everyone has the right to submit respectful petitions for reasons of general or particular interest, and to obtain prompt full and substantive resolution on the same. The travel agency and tourism Ecotourism Sierra de la Macarena has implemented this module, in order to improve our services and procedures that we offer to our stakeholders, through which you can register your requests, complaints, claims and / or suggestions on topics of our competition.


Your complaints and claims will be reviewed and handled directly by our managers. Henry Quevedo and Oriana Carolina Quevedo Segua and will have answers as soon as possible and before the terms stipulated by law. For this we put the following communication channels:

Cellular telephone service: 3112020044

Personalized attention: In our offices on the 2nd floor of the Vanguardia airport of the City of Villavicencio.

Ecotourism Sierra de La Macarena RNT: No 16037.


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